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Catherine Somers

Catherine Somers is a British/Czech actress, singer and multi disciplinary performer based in London. She obtained Conservatoire training in musical theatre, acting and singing. She also trained with Patrick Tucker in screen acting; Naked Theatre - theatre laboratory in voice, dance, physical theatre and mime; Iben Nagel Rasmussen (Odin Teatret Denmark) and Les Kurbas, Ukrainian Theatre Company.

She attended improvisation courses with an Improv guru David Razowsky and The Maydays, an award-winning improvised comedy company at The Nursery Theatre, London. Currently training in Perdekamp Emotional Method - PEM in London.

She has been involved in numerous theatre and film productions and TV commercials.

She performed in the UK, Czech Republic, Italy, France, Malta and Holland and collaborated with multi media companies and as a singer with the members of London tango lab, Ister, The Belgrade National ballet, and a Butoh dancer Khan Katsura.

Her latest film roles include Mrs Lazarus - tittle role, based on a poem of the same name by Carol Ann Duffy, Beatrice in Urge, Laura in Flawless, Maria in W for bites.

Her theatre credits include two 5 star review shows (in What's on London and Venue magazine):

'Normal', Anthony Neilson's production about the Dusseldorf Ripper, Peter Kurten, and the relationship between himself and defence laywer Justus Wehner and his wife, a former prostitute and murderer. ('...She interweaved herself seamlessly throughout the play, providing a vast contrast to her husband Peter Kurten.…' What's on London)

'The Land of Dust', a multidisciplinary adaptation of Strinberg's 'Dream Play' and T. S. Elliot's 'The wasteland' combining international folk traditions, magic ritual, theatre, dance drama, poetry, music and singing to present a world where dream, memory, reality and nightmares merge. ('... Catherine Somers is a piece of theatre in herself, able to fill the space with her own personality. Physically too, she's captivating to watch... she has unbelievable energy, which she seems to summon from the earth itself....' Venue magazine)

She is a talented actress with strong presence and dramatic depth and sensitivity.

Vocal range is D3 to A5.

Skills: Gymnastics, Ice Skating, Pilates, Skiing, Swimming,Yoga, Climbing, Canoeing, Horse Riding

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